Your Ear is better than perfect.

Singing Funnel Method Explained - muscle memory

Your ear is better than perfect means: your ear can differentiate pitches better than 50 cents, the required precision to assign a pitch to a note name, to claim absolute pitch.

Does that mean you have perfect pitch? Unfortunately, no. Well over 90 % of professional musicians can tune their instrument to a precision better than 50 cents, if they have a reference sound. That means the ear is capable to do a good job, or in most cases even better than the requirements for perfect pitch.

So, if so many musicians have a better ear than the required 50 cents precision, then why don't they have absolute pitch?

The problem, - to claim absolute pitch -, lies in remembering a sound without a reference sound. To remember a sound doesn't seem to be difficult. After all you remember song-melodies quite well. But song melodies get recognized by their relative pitch changes and not their absolute pitches.

So, how can you can remember a particular sound or pitch to a desired absolute precision? Can you improve your pitch memory by training? Of course!

Up to now most attempts to improve your pitch memory were not very successful. We have analyzed the reasons and proposed a new solution. In short, the two main reasons are: a) you don't find a person that gives you appropriate feedback and b) you don't see progress.

Our solution gives you: a) pitch feedback and b) tracks your progress graphically.

Watch our videos:

Download the program "Listening Ear Trainer" for Windows or Mac from the download tab. The first 24 lessons that guide you to a precision of 75 cents are free. In this way you can see, how the Singing Funnel method works, and you can see if the method works for you and if are willing to invest some more time to reach the necessary level of 50 cents.

Have you been made to believe that your ears are less than perfect? This is actually not true; in fact your ear is better than perfect. Are you wondering then why it is not possible for you to achieve absolute pitch or perfect pitch? It is not because you have less than perfect ear that you are unable to achieve absolute pitch but it is because your ears are not trained, your brain is unable to pick up and produce absolute pitch. So all that you need now to achieve your absolute pitch is ear training.

For a better ear and for enhanced listening skills, you will need to train yourself. Our ear training software will help you improve your listening skills and help you achieve excellent results. It will introduce you to a highly effective and proven absolute pitch training methodology. With consistent training and practice, you will be able to realize that your ear is better than perfect.

Every aspiring musician has to subject oneself to ear training because that is the only way to be a successful musician. Even those with natural skills need to undergo some kind of formal absolute pitch training to perfect their skills. It does not matter whether you are new to music or you are picking it up after several years of learning, our listening ear trainer software will help you achieve your goals faster. As our software makes use of tested methodology, your learning pace will be faster and your success rate will be higher.

Before you can take up any training for better ear, you should first believe that your ear is better than perfect. If you approach the training with the notion that your ears are less than perfect then it will not make sense to undergo any training for a better ear because you will anyway be falling short of the desired goal according to your own notion. With our absolute pitch software, it is very much possible to upgrade your listening skills and to move to the next level as a musician.

It does not matter whether you are a musician by hobby or by profession, the only way one could excel is by training one’s ear. You will therefore need to make the best use of all the help that you could possibly get. Our ear training software is one such indispensable help that you cannot afford to overlook if you would like to be a successful musician.



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